Everyone loves a great story. Most people live them, some tell them. Christian tells lyrical and visual stories from Tulsa, Ok, articulately. Bit of background: born in a single-parent family. "Not having a lot and working hard for every penny has taught me to work like it's up to me, but pray like it's up to God."


Christian has released 3 singles and is geared up for his first EP release in early 2021. 
 Back in college, he felt impressed by God to start telling stories through music. Graduating with a completely different degree, he has self-taught himself to produce and write music. 
 Starting his music career in January 2020, Christian has seen over 25K views on his music videos, been promoted on major platforms with millions of followers, and has listeners in over 30 countries.


Christian desires to create music that encourages people's faith while leading strangers to it. Christian currently is the owner of Wick Media, a video production company. Dipped in many spheres, Christian's talents have opened many doors for success. He feels his calling in life is to show the world God's actual love. 
 Christian aspires to make moves in the music and film industry, telling stories that move people to action.


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